About Meghan Bo Designs

Welcome to Meghan Bo Designs!

I design simple and stylish pieces, using my travels and the daily craze of life as authentic inspiration. I want the multifaceted mom at drop off, dressed in jeans and flip flops to feel youthful and vibrant in jewelry that is effortless, yet fashionable. My collection is an accessory to your daily groove and should elevate your mood to make you feel instantly put together. 

Meghan Bo came to life in my childhood bedroom, and like a recorded mixed cassette tape, why buy it when you can make it?  So while memorizing the lyrics to “Ice Ice Baby” I would delicately organize beads in tackle boxes and string together bracelets for my sisters and friends. That purpose driven spirit transitioned to college sorority life, a professional career in the tech industry, to then starting a family of my own. It was during that phase of taking care of everyone else, that I unfortunately lost my style and a bit of heart and soul. Thus, Meghan Bo was reborn as a creative outlet to connect back to that joyful, bubbly part of myself that I love to share with the world.

Now as principle designer, mother of two little gentlemen, and wife to an avid sports fanatic, I am proud my necklaces, bracelets and earrings help women to connect, start a conversation, and feel confident in any given moment. 

I truly believe we are not random, we’re here with a plan. And on the horizon are more plans for Mediterranean blue oceans as turquoise as the gemstones I source. More belly laughs with my tribe and shaking my signature hoop earrings with a karaoke mic in my hand. More time to be inspired by the everyday moments that define my collection. 

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and I hope you connect and glow with each piece I design.