Your Vote Matters

As we deal with a massive surge in orders for our iconic and popular “Vote” bracelet, we want to reflect for a moment on the importance of voting.


Voting: the word alone conjures up images of exercising your patriotic duty. Whether you’re voting in local elections, state elections or federal elections for important offices such as the President of the United States, one thing is for certain: voting is important.


Every vote counts. How many elections and decisions have been made due to the presence--or lack--of a relatively small number of votes? Too many to count! It can be tempting to think that a “single vote doesn’t matter,” but imagine what happens with one-hundred, one-thousand, ten-thousand or even a hundred-thousand people think the same thing: my vote doesn’t matter. Suddenly there are entire elections and decisions swayed because people who think that their vote doesn’t matter.


But it does. Voting matters. Every vote--yes, that includes your own!


In fact, many people would say it is more important now than ever to exercise your right to vote. The upcoming election will be here in just a few months, and in that time period many people want to let others know just how important it is to get out there in vote. The best way to do this is take pride in the patriotism associated with voting. 


How do you show your patriotism and support of exercising your voting rights? There are so many ways in the modern world to show your voting-related patriotism, ranging from  sporting unique pins on your jacket to wearing shirts promoting voting or simply talking about the issue on social media and other websites.


Of course, fashion will always be a popular way for people to highlight their love of anything… including voting!


If you are looking for a way to demonstrate your patriotism and support of making your vote count, why not consider one of our incredibly popular (and of course, fashionable) “VOTE” bracelets? With our bracelets, you will be sporting a subtle yet definitive statement right on your wrist: Voting matters.


If you do plan to order, don’t wait!

We are experiencing an unprecedented surge in orders after the airing of the recent Michelle Obama speech at the DNC, and we couldn't be happier than people from around the country are choosing to show their patriotism through our unique and stylish "Vote" bracelets. We hope that every customer who


Your vote matters. So take the step to showcase your love for voting with our stylish bracelet that will help you show off your patriotism in a truly unique way.


Note: Our bracelets are made with 4MM gold fill beads and 7MM white acrylic beads.They look stylish on their own or they can be mixed and matched with other bracelets for an eclectic look.


Please contact us if you have any questions about our unique VOTE bracelet or if you have any queries regarding how to order our fine products.

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