How Layering Jewelry Can Elevate Your Outfit

Layering and stacking jewelry is a great way to make your everyday or date night outfit standout.   Coco Chanel once said, ’before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off’, which is a premise for stacking up in moderation.  If you feel too intimidated and ‘out there’ while stacking up then this blog will help you overcome your fear and get you ready for the latest jewelry trend!

Here is how you can stack and layer jewelry to make your ensemble look a complete hit!

  1. Layering bracelets

You can have a whole party on your arm!

  • Make use of your watch, making it the centerpiece of your wrist and build around it to compliment your dress.
  • Go with big and small bracelets, opt for different textures that will help you create a rather statement making look.
  • Mix colors and textures. Don’t be afraid to try out colors you wouldn’t normally wear.
  1. Layering necklaces

 There is another way you can elevate your denim and tee shirt to look all the more put together.  Depending on what season it is you can decide all the necklaces you wish to pair to make your neckline look thoughtfully decorated.

  • The same rules apply for layering necklaces. You don’t have to think twice about layering silver with gold as it turns out to be the raging fashion tip that is being thrown around everywhere by celebrity stylists.
  • Now, you have to be careful of the neckline that you would be throwing your necklaces over. Turtle necks and gold necklaces go hand in hand! They are like a match made in heaven! So, don’t hesitate and put on some nice pieces with turtle necks that are dainty and statement worthy.
  • Layering requires deep contemplation when you are deciding lengths of necklaces. When going for a sultry romantic look you should opt for a plunging V neckline that would be emphasized by the drooping length of your necklaces, while on regular days when you are casually flaunting your tee and jeans then perhaps you must opt for a modest cleavage length layered necklace.

You can use the same piece of jewelry with different counterparts to create a whole new look – that is to say it is effortless and efficient. So, if you are a working mom or a homemaker who has to pick up kids and attend family meetings or clients then throwing on your necklaces can really elevate your look. Gear up because you are about to elevate your whole outfit with stacked jewelry!


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